Retin-A cream: alternative treatment for acne and other sink problems

Retin-A cream 0.025%Retin-A cream is a topical treatment for severe conditions of the skin as pigmentation, acne, inflammations, wrinkles and other conditions. The key component of the drug is tretionin. The topical medication works by clearing out the pores of the skin and keeping them further on clear. Retin-A cream can also be applied to treat skin roughness which gets developed due to sub burn. The topical medication contains acidic elements which renew the skin, remove the dead layers of the skin on the surface. The drug immediately improves the condition of the skin. It makes it lighter and healthier by removing the older layers of skin. Due to this specific action the topical cream should be applied very carefully and only following recommendations of your doctor. When you buy Retin-A cream online, you should take means to protect your skin. The matter is that a new skin is extremely sensitive to the action of sun rays. If unprotected a new skin will more likely yo get sun burn. That is why it is recommended to include Retin-A cream treatment into your daily skin care and check whether the care products have sun protecting factor. If your common daily care products do not have SPF then add SPF specific products into your daily skin care routine. Mind that SPF products should be applied even when there is not direct sun light in the street or even when you are going out on the sun set. Your skin needs additional protection at any time of day and night.

Retin-A cream does not help to cure the disease. The topical medication will only clear out skin symptoms and signs as clogged pores, skin inflammations, wrinkles, pigment spots on your face and body. However you need to discover what is the cause of the condition. Acne is not a disease. It is a symptoms of a dysfunction or a disease. In most cases acne is caused with hormonal imbalance in the body.

Acne is not only a female problem. Men also suffer from this skin symptom. In men it is also caused with hormone excessive levels or deficiency in most cases.

This means that you can buy Retin-A cream online and start applying the medicine over the problem areas of skin of your face and body. However the topical treatment will produce only temporary effect. To get acne or other skin problems completely cured you need to visit a doctor to find out the reason of the disease and to eliminate its causes. Without treatment of the key disease you will witness the problem of skin symptoms again and again.

Your doctor may decide to include this topical treatment into the treatment course of other diseases. Retin-A cream is safe as it provides only topical exfoliative effect. The off label use of the medicine covers the next conditions: keratosis – inflamed red pimples.

Retin-A cream in risk group patients

Retin-A cream is a effective topical application treatment which is used in patients to minimize the skin presences of acne disease. It has certain precautions for use in all patients. However there a risk groups of patients who need extra caution for application of the cream. These groups of patients are allergic people, kids, pregnant women and geriatric patients. Let us review the application of the treatment in all of these groups of patients.

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Retin-A cream in allergic people

Retin-A cream 0.05%People wit allergies commonly experience severe skin presences as a response of the body to specific triggers which can be drugs, foods and drinks, care products, environmental factors. Do not use the medicine if you have ever had allergic responses to any topical drugs containing retinoids. Also warn your doctor if you are allergic to certain skin care products. If you buy Retin-A cream online without discussing the treatment with your doctor, then your first application should be extra careful. We recommend to try the cream on a small part of an elbow skin. Estimate the reaction of this skin area during the next 48 hours. Mind that redness and some sort of burning appearing right after application of the cream are considered to be a norm. However if you notice severe skin reactions to the action of the drug, then you must not apply the drug over damaged with acne skin areas.

Though the drug is available online without prescriptions and recommendations from your doctor, we strongly recommend to discuss the treatment with your doctor to avoid specific reactions of your skin to the action of medication, especially in the case of having allergic responses to some care products and treatments in the past.

Retin-A cream in kids

Only pediatrician should decide on the application of the Retin-A cream in kids. There are no studies of the effect of the drug on child’s skin. Moreover kids are not likely to present skin problems as acne or pigmentation which is treatable with the drug.

Retin-A cream can effectively treat only acquired pigmentation. It will not treat inborn pigmentation which is a genetic problem.

Child’s skin is extremely recoverable. And certain damages of the skin are not likely to leave severe marks on the skin.

As acne appear commonly in pubertal age, then kids are not likely to develop the condition as well as they must not get Retin-A cream treatment without doctor’s recommendations. Moreover the topical Retin-A cream is not the first line or emergency medication to treat certain skin conditions. Still if you suspect a kid to have acne and you consider applying Retin-A cream to treat the problem and recover the skin of a kid, please, consult a pediatrician.

Retin-A cream in pregnant women

Retinoids should never be used in women being pregnant or women planning pregnancy as these substances are proved to cause severe side effects and damages of the fetus which are life threatening. If you are pregnant then you must not apply Retin-A cream on your skin. If you get Retin-A cream prescribed by your consulting health care provider, then warn your doctor and get prescriptions for birth control pills. Start application of the Retin-A cream topical medicine only if you are sure you are not pregnant now. Even the lowest dosages of retinoids taken by a woman on the early stage of gestation (first trimester) may severely damage a fetus.

Retin-A cream 0.1%It is recommended to start treatment of skin problems with Retin-A cream only with a beginning of a new menstrual cycle. This will surely eliminate any possible damages of the fetus.

Breastfeeding women are also not recommended to start treatment with Retin-A cream. Talk to your doctor. Only your consulting health care provider will make a decision whether Retin-A cream is right for you. Mind that termination of breastfeeding may be needed to treat some skin conditions wit retinoids.

Acne is not a life threatening condition. Moreover the condition does not pose any risks for fetus or an infant. That is why it is recommended to start treatment of acne disease and other cosmetic changes of the skin as wrinkles, skin roughness or pigment spots only after labor and when breastfeeding is over. Some women may decide to terminate the breastfeeding and to start skin treatment immediately as acne and spots can cause severe psychological discomfort which may develop into severe depression and critically low self esteem.

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Retin-A cream in aged patients

Retin-A cream is safe for elderly patients. There are no specific studies indicating the use of the topical drug in elderly patients. However, aged skin is known to be thinner and much more sensitive. Retin-A cream is a rather severely acting medication which can worsen these conditions. The Retin-A cream is not indicated to treat age wrinkles and pigmentation in elderly people. Only a consulting doctor should decide on the usage of retinoid topicals in aged patients. There are no age related contraindications for use of the medicine.

When Retin-A cream must not be applied?

There are certain conditions which limit the use of retinoid applicants. Among them there are:

  • open wounds of the skin
  • excessive mechanical damage of the skin
  • eczema
  • severe sun burns
  • various types of dermatitis

Extreme sensitivity of the skin is also a precaution. Some patients can not tolerate the treatment due to extreme sensitivity of skin. In this case the treatment may do more harm and burn the skin adding new aesthetic problems.

How to use Retin-A cream properly?

If the topical medicine is prescribed to your by your consulting health care provider, then follow instructions and recommendations given. If you buy Retin-A cream online without seeing your doctor and getting specific recommendations for your case, then you must follow the recommendations provided by the drug manufacturer and indicated in the patient leaflet.

This information can contradict to what your doctor has prescribed to you, however you must not change the course of treatment or the dosages of this retinoid cream you apply on your skin.

The treatment with Retin-A cream is prescribed on a certain schedule. Your doctor will recommend the frequency of applications and the length of the treatment course considering your specific symptoms and the flow of the disease as well as its causes.

You must never exceed the frequency and the length of the treatment. Some patients crave to apply the cream more often than doctor recommends desiring to recover faster. However this may lead to severe damage of the skin. Moreover, Retin-A cream removes only visual presences on the skin and does not cure the initial cause of the disease or aesthetic disorders. You must follow the recommendations of consulting health care provider as well as you must get treatment for initial cause of the disease.

Do not apply the Retin-A cream for a longer period of time than it is indicated to you.

The method of application of Retin-A cream

Commonly the topical treatment is applied once a day in the evening when a skin get cleared from makeup (in case of women) and you are not going out.

Wash your skin carefully. It is not recommended to apply aggressive cleansers containing acids to avoid surface interactions with the medicine. Dry your skin with paper towel. Do not use cotton towels as these are considered to help bacteria spreading.

Do not wash your skin with extremely cold or extremely hot water as extreme temperatures are known to cause additional damages to the skin. Use of scrubs, exfoliants and spoges are also not recommended as these may cause additional mechanical skin damages.

Dry your face and body with paper towel. Average cotton towels are not recommended for use on acne skin as these are known to be spreading bacteria over the skin further. Wait for at least 20 to 45 minutes before application of the medicine. Do not apply toning waters, lotions or care creams before the use of medication as these may interact with the topical medicine or decrease its efficiency.

buy Retin-A cream onlineGet sure your skin is dry as wet skin may get more irritated when the healing cream is applied. You must apply the medicine in a thin layer. Before application it is recommended to make examination of your skin and see whether the presences are reduced or minimized to estimate the efficiency of treatment.

It is not recommended to apply the medicine over the mechanically damaged areas of the skin. It is not recommended to apply the medication over healthy parts of the skin to avoid its thinning.

Mind that during the first days of treatment you may feel burning and redness of the skin in response to the application of the treatment. If this physical discomfort is bearable, then it is considered to be a variation of norm. However if discomfort is unbearable, then do not try to remove the medicine with water as this will worsen the sensations. Immediately contact your doctor and report your case to get instructions on how to neutralize the action of the topical medicine.

Patients are recommended to avoid aggressive face exfoliating and scrubbing procedures during the period of treatment. It is also stressed that you must eliminate any other skin care products containing acids and retinoids.

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